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RadioLIVE Interview with Chris Irwin

The Wellness Couch features Glenda Irwin

Mindfulness is open awareness and acceptance - mindfulness means remembering and therein, awakening.

Mindfulness is the attitude that reveals our actual moment-to-moment experience. Jointly, mindfulness and compassion are the antidote to our over emphasized negative bias. When practiced intentionally, mindfulness and compassion awaken us to the riches and joys that lay within our 'ordinary' lives. Glenda Irwin

Why Mindfulness?

For the respite that it gives from the struggles and strains of living our busy, time poor lives. Practicing mindfulness gives us relaxed moments of clarity; peacefulness where our 'autopilot' setting normally ignites a constant sense of urgency. Mindfulness practice relieves stress, anxiety, depression, overwhelming emotions, strain, pain, the inner critic, shame, guilt, doubt, anger. Name your poison - mindfulness soothes all manner of human distress.

Mindfulness is a practice that originated more than 2 millennia ago but today it is recognized and supported by modern scientific findings as a way to train the brain towards an 'in charge' response rather than 'fight, flight or freeze' reactions.

Why Mindfulness?

Because it has been proven - scientifically, spiritually and practically - as an effective way to find the joy of living.

Why Mindfulness

Mindfulness practice is immediately available
Mindfulness practice takes no 'third party' involvement
Mindfulness practice is free
Mindfulness practice is not chemically addictive
Mindfulness practice is courageous
Mindfulness practice is kindness in action
Mindfulness practice is an attitude
Mindfulness practice is adaptable and applicable to anyone's values
Mindfulness practice is revealing
Mindfulness practice is nurturing
Mindfulness practice is an avenue to our inherent abilities...

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Mindfulness Couloring Book

This book has been created as an aid to assist parents in encouraging mindfulness practices in their children.

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